Transferring ownership of a workspace

If you are a workgroup administrator with administrator privileges, you can transfer ownership of any member's workspace in your workgroup to yourself or any other member as long as their status is not disabled or pending. This may be necessary in the event that an Objective Connect user leaves your company and you would like to take control of their workspaces or transfer them to another user to ensure that company information is not shared incorrectly. Likewise, it may be necessary to take ownership of a workspace so that the information in the workspace is no longer available to users who have left the workgroup.

When you transfer ownership of a workspace the previous owner becomes a participant with read-only access to the workspace. The ownership of existing tasks is transferred to the proposed (new) workspace owner. The proposed workspace owner must be a member of the workgroup.

Important:  If two-step verification is enabled for a workspace, ensure that it is disabled prior to transferring ownership. The proposed owner can then enable it again.