Adding a new workgroup

You will only be able to add new workgroups if you have an Enterprise edition and if you have Objective Connect Link for Objective ECM where multiple workgroups are possible.

Note:  Creating a new workgroup takes a little bit of time, as you will need to provide the following information to the Objective Connect Team. Then the Objective Connect Team will require time to set up the workgroup from their end.

In order for the new workgroup to be synchronised with Objective Connect and Objective ECM:

  • Consider the following:
    • Whether you would like to use an existing certificate or provide a new certificate for the different workgroup.
    • The setup of your domains - whether they are owned or not, and whether any new domains will need to be associated with existing or new workgroups.
  • Create a new workgroup in Objective Connect (as below).
  • Take note of the workgroup UUID (this is available from the URL).
  • Send the Objective Connect Team a request to create a new workgroup providing them with the workgroup UUID.
  • The Objective Connect Team will then send you an agent-login and agent-password for the new workgroup which needs to be included in the install.xml properties file. See the Configuring multiple workgroups section of the Objective Connect Link for Objective ECM Installation and Configuration Guide for more details.
  • Set up this workgroup in Objective ECM.