Inviting participants

As a workspace owner, invite participants to a workspace to share its contents - documents and folders. Workspace participants with the 'invite' ability can then invite other new participants to the workspace at any time.

If you invite a number of participants at the same time, they will all have the same permissions. You can change a participant's workspace permissions at any time after they have been invited to a workspace.


- If a workspace is associated with Objective Connect Link, certain permissions may not be supported (for example, edit and add folder permissions are not supported for Objective Connect Link for Micro Focus Content Manager) or be unavailable due to permission restrictions. Contact your workspace owner for more information.
- You can invite participants at the time of creating a new workspace or later on for an existing workspace. The instructions in this topic explain how to invite participants for an existing workspace.
-If you fail to send an invitation to a participant, check your Manage Trusted List. Ensure that the participant's domain or email address is added to the list, and the format is correct. You can use the Manage Trusted List if you need to restrict a few participants from accessing the workspace. If you do not use it, you can invite anyone.