Setting up Objective Connect for Windows

To use Objective Connect for Windows, you must be a registered Objective Connect user. To register, go to and select Sign up for free.

After installing Objective Connect for Windows, you will need to create your Connect folder and link your Objective Connect account to it.

To set up Objective Connect for Windows:

  1. Start the application if it is not already running. The Objective Connect dialog box is displayed.
  2. Select an Objective Connect Server from the Site drop-down menu. This determines which Objective Connect Server your data will be stored on. By default, the Objective Connect Server which is geographically closest to you is selected.

    Note:  This should be the same server that your Objective Connect account is registered on.

  3. Enter your Objective Connect Email and Password.

    If you don't have an Objective Connect account, select Create an account.

    If you have forgotten your password, select Forgotten your password.

  4. By default, your Connect folder is created in C:\Users\<username>. To select a different location for your Connect folder, select Change. In the Browse for Folder dialog, either:

    • Choose an existing folder in which to create the Connect folder and select OK.
      Note: You can choose an existing Connect folder, but it must not contain content.
    • Select Make a New Folder to create a folder in which to place the Connect folder and select OK.
      Note: The selected location must be a fixed drive on your local computer.
  5. Select Login.

Your Objective Connect account is now linked to the Connect folder. Any content that you add to your Connect folder is automatically added to Objective Connect. Objective Connect for Windows continues running in the background.