Creating a workspace record

As a workspace owner, manager or administrator in an Objective Connect Enterprise edition, you can create a workspace record that is an audit of every action and interaction across the entire collaboration event. The workspace record is an executive-ready report.

The workspace record can be generated for any newly created active workspace. It cannot be created for an active workspace that was created prior to the release of the feature for creating a workspace record (26 September 2018 in APAC & 7 October 2018 in the UK).

The workspace record can also be generated for a workspace that has been closed within the last 90 days since the initiation of the feature for creating a workspace record for closed workspaces (19 November 2018 in APAC & 21 November 2018 in the UK).

When a workspace is closed, workspace owners are prompted to create a full workspace record or workspace audit. They won’t be able to select what sections to include in the workspace record.