Who can manage workspaces?

You can manage workspaces when: 

  • you are the owner, that is you created the workspace, or

  • (Objective Connect Enterprise edition only) you have been assigned the manage workspace ability to the workspace.

A workspace owner and manager have similar abilities. However, a workspace manager is not able to assign invite and remove participants and manage workspace abilities to other users.

Your ability to manage workspaces will change when: 

  • As a workspace owner: 

    • the workspace is closed
    • the owner leaves the organisation or changes roles within the organisation.
    • a workgroup administrator may take ownership of any workspaces you own.

      When this happens, you will remain a workspace participant, unless the workgroup administrator disables your account after taking ownership of the workspace.

  • Additionally, as a workspace manager, your role will change if the workspace owner or administrator removes the manage workspace ability.

Depending on your abilities, when a workgroup administrator takes ownership of your workspaces or when you no longer have the manage workspace ability, you may still be able to add documents to the workspace, as well as view documents in the workspace. Although, you will no longer be able to:

  • add participants
  • remove participants
  • close the workspace.