Closing a workspace

When a workspace is no longer required, it can be closed or ended. When you close a workspace all its contents including documents, folders, comments and tasks are deleted from Objective Connect and can not be restored. Your documents and folders will still exist in your document management system if it’s integrated with Objective Connect.

Only the workspace owner or administrator is able to close a workspace.

When a workspace is closed, all participants are notified by email that the workspace has closed or will be closing at the scheduled date and time. Email reminders are sent at 7 days before the closure, then 3 and then a day before the closure.

If the workspace you want to close has any open tasks, you will receive a warning. If you choose to continue with closing the workspace, then all the associated tasks specific to the workspace are cancelled. Task assignees are notified that the tasks are cancelled. No tasks for the closed workspace will be visible in the My workspaces > Tasks section.